Hard To Find Parts for the QRX Series and other Sansuis

We’ve decided, after many requests, to start selling parts for the QRX series.  After 3 years we have come up with some well nigh impossible to get parts for these complicated Quad receivers.  We run this through PayPal.  When you’re done, the View Cart button will take you to PayPal and you can checkout.  You can change any quantities easily at checkout.   We will be adding more parts in the next weeks.

Flat Rate Shipping

USA $3.99  – International (most countries) $14.99

f2624 Fusible Resistors  $7.50
This is a set of resistors that will allow you to replace all the fusibles on one f2624 amp driver board.  It takes two of these sets to do an 8001/9001.  One set will do a 9090 or 8080 stereo receiver.  These are metal film resistors, high quality.  They can take the heat without drifting up in value over time and ruining your amp.  These resistors are the cause of more blown amp channels than anything else.  They still work as fuses when overloaded.

Consists of:
6     4.7 ohm 1/2 watt  2%
2     10 ohm 1/2 watt  1%
4     150 ohm 1/2  1 %
2     180 ohm 1/2 watt 2%

4 Ch and 2X Power Relay  $22.50
This is the impossible to find relay that switches your quad section back and forth between stereo and quad.  A second relay also switches into 2XPower Stereo Mode.  It has taken me two years to find a replacement, and it is not actually an exact replacement.  The original is 24v, and this one is 12v.  Also, this one does not have PC board pins, it is designed to work in a socket.  It works fine, though if you replace the dropping resistor that feeds it from the 43.3v supply with a 2 watt 620 ohm resistor, and use a socket which fits right on the board.  The resistor and socket are  supplied with the relay.  This relay has been a major source of problems in 9001 restorations.  No more cleaning and polishing contacts.

8/9001 Protection Relay  $22.50
This is the relay that is on the protection board that often gets blown when the fusible resistors take out your f2624 board.  Cascading consequences anyone?  Anyway, this one is the right voltage but is the socket mount version also.  Comes with the socket which mounts right on the board.

9001/8001 Recap Kit   We will have this up in a couple days.

9090 and 9090db Output Transistors

We restore a lot of 9090’s. Most of them have blown output transistors. This is often caused by the fact that they have been replaced in the past, but were not replaced in matched pairs. These receivers have 4 output devices per channel, in two pairs, where there would normally be single devices. This works well as long as they are balanced. If unbalanced, most of the load goes to one or the other of the pair, and it soon blows again. To get balanced pairs, you have to buy in quantity and measure each transistor and match them up. We recommend that if a pair is blown, you replace all 4. When we have only done one side, we often end up replacing all 4 of them at a later date.

4G9090 Output Transistors, NPN, MJ21194G matched pair $19.75
It takes two pairs of these to do one output channel.


3G Fixed9090db Output transistors MJ21193G matched pair $19.75
This is the PNP pair. For the 9090db you need a pair of these and pair of the MJ21194G above, to do one channel. Confusing, I know. But, the output sections of the 9090 and 9090db are different. The db version is quasi complementary, and the 9090 is not.


QRX9001 Output Transistors

We find very few blown outputs on the 9001’s. Usually it is caused by the fusible resistors drifting out of range, and causing havoc on the driver board, until eventually something blows there, and often takes the outputs with it. This a Quasi complementary pair, and no matching is required. However, since these are different types than the originals, if you do blow one of them, you should replace both, as they are designed to work together.

5GQRX9001 Output Transistor, PNP, MJ15025G each $7.50



4G SingleQRX9001 Output Transistor, NPN, MJ15024G each $7.50



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