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We Buy Sansuis in almost any condition!

Affordable Quality Restoration for your Sansui Classics

We have been restoring early Sansuis for over 4 years now.  We have developed a reputation for quality and amazing sound.  We know these early units inside and out.  We will honestly tell you what we think about restoring your unit, whether it’s worth it, and what you can expect when you get it back.  You can read many reports on our restorations on Audiokarma and Quadraphonic Quad.  We know what we are doing, and we don’t over charge for what we do.

  • Skilled technician/design engineer with 42 years experience
  • Evaluation and estimate before any work is done
  • Controls, switches, jacks, tuning mechanism cleaned and lubed
  • General cleaning of front panel, chassis, knobs
  • Lamps replaced with LED lamps
  • Replacement of out of spec parts
  • General alignment/adjust to factory specs
  • All work warranted for 90 day

QRX Restore 9001

  • Replace all electrolytics
  • Replace fusible resistors
  • Remove blend resistors
  • Holy Grail alignment
  • Set bias and offset on outputs
  • Clean and lubricate all controls
  • Preamp outs, power amp ins
  • Power amp upgrade

The Sansui QRX9001 and the rest of the line, are very special receivers from the Golden Age of Stereo. We offer restore services for the QRX9001, and the other Sansui X001 receivers, as well as other Sansui gear, specializing in units manufactured before 1980. We can also offer a range of modifications which will improve quad performance, as well as audio performance. We also realize there are many people who would like to do this on their own. We figure we might as well help those who want to do their own, and for those who are not up to doing this kind of work, we will be more than happy to do it for you. This section will also give a good idea of what is done to a 9001 to make it better than ever

We also recap, restore, and upgrade other units in the Sansui line.  We have a sincere affection for Sansui’s bottom of the line units, such as the AU505  and AU555(A).  These are very easy units to work on and respond amazingly well to a restore/upgrade.  Most of these early AU units are approaching 40 years of age, and a recap/restore can make them sound like new again.  We can do these smaller units at an amazingly low price, giving the owner a true audiophile quality unit, that will stand beside any modern amplifier.  Other fav units are the AU999 and 9500 along with the 8080 and 9090 receivers.  These are some of the best audio gear ever made.  The 9090 is really just half of a 9001 and sounds like it.

Our differential amp output mods can be done to all these units, with the exception of the 505/555(A).  We can do many of these boards without your having to send in the whole unit.  Call or email to see if we can do yours.  It depends on whether we have the same amp here to test with.

Services that we offer, and prices — A rundown of what we can do for you and how much it costs.

Policies — These are some ideas we feel pretty strongly about, and it’s how we do what we do, and how we treat our customers.

Recap and restore of the QRX9001 — Information you might find useful if you are contemplating a recap and restore of this great receiver.

Secret data on the 9001 — For years a lot of technical data on the 9001 was secret, if you can believe that, in this information age. Pretty well known at this point, none the less, here is all the secret data to the best of our ability.

Contact us — How to reach us and where to send your gear.

The first 9001 I restored. All mods. Fantastic sound. Unfortunately, I sold it.

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